kathak (free download)


Instrumental beat with ethnic flavor, urban mood and bouncy groove. Inspired by the aesthetics of Kathak dance from India. You can use it as it is or remix its elements for your personal interpretation. Composed in Italy, produced in Germany.

BPM: 100

download sound pack Licenza Creative Commons

  1. Download and unzip.
  2. The file named “title-preview.wav” is the exported stereo mix. It is not a master.
  3. The exported stereo mix is composed by all other audio and midi files you will find in the folder.
  4. All audio files are exported in .WAV format at 96000 KHz / 24 bit.
  5. Some audio files are exported as loops, for this reason you will find silent parts.
  6. You can create your version in any DAW by re-importing all loops in separate tracks from point 1.1.1 and produce the track with your style.
  7. You can master the stereo mix at your convenience, using my export or re-exporting it after having rearranged or remixed.
  8. Have fun!

freestyle on this beat on Brapp TV

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